Episode 24: Donald Trump’s Suits Don’t Fit Because He Has The Shoulders of a 14 Year Old Girl With Scoliosis

February 22, 2017
This week has got it all:
  • Bill Maher's interview with Miley Dopplepopolis
  • Disney's decision to drop PewDiePie
  • The return of the mack Zima
  • Clear Pepsi cocktails
  • Taxing robots
  • The modest lifestyle of Vladimir Putin
  • Taxing the lizard people 
  • The Jewish banker/lizard people hierarchy
  • Flat Earth conspiracies and the undue influence of Big Globe
  • Elon Musk's suggestion that this is all a simulation and if we are in a simulation Scott wants to know why he didn't get a better avatar
  • Brian shows us basketball player dicks on Snapchat
  • We try and figure out YouTube Celebs and Twitch streamers
  • Chance the rappers plan to destroy Ticketmaster and scalpers
  • and a bunch of other random things that come up along the way. 
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