Episode 26: We Talk Real Good ‘Cause We’re Smart & Stuff

March 8, 2017
This week we're joined by our Norwegian friend, Dag, and subject him to EXTREME VETTING a bunch of inside jokes. We talk about Tila Tequila's spiral into a desperate plea for attention from conspiracy dipshits and illuminati nudes. We discuss Arian Foster's wolf fighting tweets, and we talk about how we too could take a wolf 1 on 1. Also, we want to fight old white people. We talk about Barack Obama using his Oburner phones to "tapp" Donald Trump's phone calls. We find out which french fries are the best french fries. We find out a lot about Arizona gubernatorial candidate Noah Dyer. Scott discovers The Avett Brothers, we listen to some new Mastodon, and then we stumble into college football via Rutgers', FAU, FIU, K-State and Bill Snyder. And we close out with the 10 Second Songs cover of Chop Suey in the style of Ghost. Enjoy!
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