Episode 27: Come on, Man! Scott’s Got Bills to Pay.

March 27, 2017

Due to scheduling conflicts and limited time to edit, we have a super double secret missing episode. I mean, it isn't actually missing, but it isn't online. I mean, it is sort of on line - you can watch the video of it on our Facebooke page. You're sort of actually listening to episode 28. Keep an eye out for the REAL episode 27 where we are all really drunk and it goes off the rails. ANYHOW. This week we talk about the same things we always talk about: The High Court with Doug Benson, jazz cabbage, college football, college basketball, college baseball, Donald Trump's phoney invoices, local crazy person Rick Wiles and TruNews, USB steaks cookers, room temperature shelf shrimp, Chic-fil-A is delicious, the impracticality of corpse eating robots, we break down Bleacher Report's top whatever overrated college football list, we try and fix hyperinflation in foreign countries, being harassed for donations by political parties and homeless people. #megadong

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