Episode 29: Apparently We’re Just a Wrestling Podcast Now.

April 15, 2017

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This week we is more like free form jazz, we start off the show like anyone would -- we discuss pawing the Million Dollar Man's championship belt, we work on our Paul Bearer impressions, we suggest alternatives to Epocot's drinking around the world, we answer the important question: jorts or euro-capris? We talk about the endless possibilities of sneaking drinks into a summer music festival in a Camelback, we briefly talk about Florida's Spring Game and the QB situation and how it could look like the offense of a notorious former SEC head coach. We introduce Brian to internet huckster and snake -excuse me- coconut oil salesman David Avocado Wolf, and then we round out the show by talking about the Florida Fire Frogs Baseball, be stings, calf cramps, some more Fire Frogs, and how scary and weird it is to get let go from a job after 11 years. 


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