Episode 30: Paracord Dreamcatcher

April 23, 2017
This week we're joined by special guest EJ. We talk about USF football, break down the pros and cons of the group of five holding their own championship game, nonsense NCAA recruiting stats, the first female football scholarship recipient, Chandler Basha's Becca Longo, and talk about how Georgia Tech fans might be sick of Russell Athletic. We smoothly pivot to the weirdness that is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Movie, Alex Jones and his claim that he is a performance artists, George W Bush visiting Vero Beach and how he doesn't seem so bad in retrospect. We do nothing to solve the complex and very serious problem of Gerrymandered congressional districts, Jason talks about waking up to a possible Red Dawn scenario and how excited he is about Everclear playing in Fort Pierce, we then talk about the Trump kids (we only forgot about 2 of them!), we continue to be obsessed with Chuck Tingle, we talk about how the Brave Wall Street Girl staring down the Wall Street Bull is a little more complicated than it seems, we briefly talk about money in politics, the Florida's 2018 gubernatorial candidates, and finish the episode talking about watching the Florida Fire Frogs lose to the St Lucie Mets at Historic (and in need of a renovation) Dodgertown.
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